Tutis x VReddo Partnership – A New Era in Training

Tutis is very happy to announce our partnership with Vreddo, the leading developer of virtual reality (VR) software products for the education and training market.

Tutis has partnered with VReddo to offer VR products including simulated classroom and simulated practical assessment products as part of the Tutis product set. These products enable high level of learning retention and simplify the communication of complex problems through immersive, interactive software.

These VR products are offered as optional modules integrated with the TUTIS software solutions.  Chris Wright, the Tutis CEO, said “we are delighted to be partnering with Vreddo: the partnership heralds a new era in remote and immersive learning which we are confident will provide our customers with significant additional benefits”.

The partnership combines:

  • VReddo’s cutting-edge virtual reality technology and products, including the unique simulated classroom offering
  • Tutis’s comprehensive training, assessment and workforce compliance functionality.

This software combination facilitates:

  • Significantly more efficient use of trainers and assessors
    • Greater flexibility and less travel by trainers, assessors and students
    • Lower cost, greater consistency
  • Much more effective, engaging, blended, remote training
    • More attractive to students and enterprises
    • Effective and flexible, simulated, practical VR training

The VReddo Classroom module delivers instructor-led, live, 360-degree video and interactive remote learning, virtual face-to-face training and the use of fully immersive holograms and virtual teleporting.

The Tutis VR Training Labs module allows customers to interact in virtual environments, manipulate objects, perform tasks and solve problems. Learners can experience risk scenarios and learn how to respond effectively and appropriately in a safe environment.

Through this partnership, Tutis and Vreddo will help organisations:

  • improve the effectiveness of their learning and development programs through the incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) capability where applicable
  • significantly reduce the need for trainers and students to travel

To find out more about these new Tutis capabilities go to: https://www.tutis.com.au/virtual-reality-add-ons/ or contact Tutis today on hello@tutis.com.au to find out more and organise a demonstration.