Pilot Description

A two or three month pilot to trial the skills assessment delivery process utilising the Twenty (20) skills assessment that have been upgraded by Tutis Vreddo in a previous Assessment Validation Service

The Assessment Lifecycle

The assessment lifecycle supports the development and publishing of compliant assessment tools.

Once assessments are approved for use (released) they can be utilised as follows:

  • Knowledge & Participant enabled skills (e.g. projects)  – online
  • Observation style skills – on a mobile device (with or without internet)

All assessments can be printed for paper-based assessment if required

Pilot Deliverables

  • Set up of up to five (5) trainer assessors as content experts
  • Access to the mobile app for up to five (5) trainer/assessors
  • Enrolment of workers to complete the agreed skills assessment (up to an agreed cap)
  • Daily assessment result report sent to designated email address
  • Weekly export of all completed assessment attempts in .pdf format sent to designated email address
  • End of Pilot Summary and Recommendations: Report and Presentation

Note: The scope of deliverables can be flexible eg a double size Pilot may suit some customers.