Our Values

Our people and our values are the foundation on which we strive to deliver on our vision to supply the best management solution for skills and workforce capability. Our Mission is to help customers build their organisational capability by leveraging workforce skills and developing competencies thereby delivering higher productivity and safe production.
At Tutis Vreddo, We strive to deliver value while being our best, accountable, and innovative, all while fostering a culture of fun, integrity, and respect – thus committing to solving our client’s business problems.

Deliver Value

  • Seek to deliver value in every customer engagement
  • Be passionate about delivering value
  • Contribute to the success of others

Be Your Best

  • Create continuous improvement is in our DNA
  • Give our best, experiment often, learn and improve
  • Be engaged, open and authentic
  • Own our own career and professional development

Be Accountable

  • Be personally accountable; take ownership of our mistakes
  • Commit to and be engaged with Tutis (company) and Team
  • Take responsibility for Tutis, Team & Personal performance Have Fun


  • Be collaborative, be agile and validate
  • Always look for better ways to do things
  • Always open to new ideas, be confident to “have a go”
  • Foster innovation and leverage everyone’s experience

Have Fun

  • Have a strong sense of purpose; feel valued and be valued
  • Celebrate success; share our enthusiasm
  • Be empowered to work hard and play hard

Live Integrity & Respect

  • Be responsible and live ethical business practices
  • Embrace diversity and always be respectful
  • Act professionally – do what you say you are going to do
  • Set expectations; demonstrate and earn trust

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