Consistently high care levels

Compliance Solution for the Aged Care Industry

TUTISVReddo provides a holistic solution for training compliance for training providers, such as RTOs. The TUTISVReddo compliance solution for RTOs focuses on helping organisations manage compliance risk, reduce complexity, optimise running costs and make these processes paperless.

Aged Care operations have unique challenges:

  • You need consistently high care levels from your staff, and you need to provide consistent training and organisational development.
  • You need to consistently meet quality standards for your management systems.
  • Staff need to meet quality standards for health and personal care.
  • The physical environment must be safe, and you need to establish and enforce safe systems and processes.
  • Your reputation is everything. In the current age of social media, you need to maintain incredibly high care levels. It only takes one incident to ruin your reputation and tarnish your brand.

Some of the features you may like

  • Quality workforce Onboarding

  • Onboarding from home using eLearning before starting work

  • Quality Checklists on iPads can be used online or offline

  • On-going use of eLearning and paperless assessment, automated records management, significantly reduces staff down time

  • Virtual Reality integration for live training, practice risk scenarios, plus much more

  • Create your own daily task checklists for opening and closing the centre and everything in between
  • Facilitates rapid onboarding and upskilling of inexperienced new staff

  • Standardises Procedures and Processes

  • Accessible on tablets and mobiles

  • Alert, Notify and Report on exceptions, expired credentials etc.

  • Email and SMS alerts, weekly/monthly reports

  • Compliance reporting

Ensuring staff have the skills to safely and productively perform their roles whilst adhering to compliance requirements is vitally important; TUTISVReddo has the expertise and products to help achieve this. Our cloud based, managed solutions take the complexity and risk out of compliance management.

Aged Care Example

Use TUTIS_CARE to get new staff and locums up-to-speed quickly, including the use of pre-start onboarding remotely via eLearning. Use eLearning to keep staff informed and up-to-date with readily available access to current policies, procedures and forms. Enact quality checklists to ensure compliance with operating requirements, together with alerts and reporting driven by checklist data.