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The TUTIS_TRAIN product is a comprehensive solution that integrates Training Management, Student Management, eLearning Management, Assessment, Document Management, and Reporting for your organization. With TUTIS_TRAIN, your RTO can efficiently manage rapid mobilization and onboarding, optimize the deployment of personnel and competencies, and implement reliable, automated, and paperless processes, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced safety in production.

The demands on RTOs continue to grow and the costs of running the business are constantly increasing.

Some of the areas you need to adhere to include:

  • ASQA requirements – Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) or NZQA for New Zealand PTEs
  • AVETMISS and State Government funding
  • Demonstrating your practices and behaviours in relation to five key phases of the student experience – marketing and recruitment; enrolment; support and progression; training and assessment; and completion.

Tutis Vreddo provides a holistic solution for training compliance for RTOs. The solution focuses on helping organisations manage rapid mobilization & onboarding, ensure optimal deployment of people and their competencies, and deliver reliable, automated, paperless processes.


TUTIS_TRAIN provides compliance processes across all training, assessment, student management and reporting activities.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Self-Enrolment including payments, discounts etc
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) enabled
  • Participant Learning Centre
  • Learner and Employer Questionnaires
  • Issue and registering of certificates
  • SCORM 2004 release 3 and SCORM 1.2 compliant
  • Deliver E-Learning courses
  • Conduct online assessment
  • Student’s view of enrolled courses, course schedules, status of each course e.g., percentage complete etc.
  • Student Access to eLearning materials
  • Virtual Reality eLearning
  • VReddo Virtual Reality Capability: both LIVE & ON DEMAND
  • Develop, trial, publish & maintain assessments
  • Map & validate assessments to National & Corporate skillset competency standards
  • Conduct knowledge assessments on PC or Mobile
  • Conduct observation assessments remotely with TUTIS Mobile Assessment App (Android / iOS)
  • Remote Learning Webcam Authentication
  • Online Certificate Verification & Recruiter Analysis
  • Schedule courses, rooms, resources and staff across multiple locations
  • Book meetings, allowing for total room and staff calendaring
  • Enrol participants
  • Participant self-enrolment
  • Integration to a payment gateway e.g. Westpac, Payway
  • Send reminders at a specified time prior to course commencement, which can include relevant information pertaining to the course (e.g. pre-course reading, equipment or PPE required).
  • Record attendance and outcomes
  • Survey – create your own surveys and analyse the data as part of your continuous improvement process
  • Provide automation, workflow, notification and alerts, reports, dashboards
  • Workflow automations & SMS/email alerts
  • Paperless processes
  • ERP integration services & single sign-on capability
  • Continuous Improvement – issue register plus logging, categorising, assigning tasks, reviewing & completing
  • User configurable dashboards
  • Document Management

TUTIS Mobile Assessment App

The TUTIS Mobile Assessment App makes it easy to perform paperless, observation-style, skills-assessments in the field – that is anywhere on site. This App works with or without internet access.

4 Pillars of Assurance

Managed Risks

  • Statutory & Regulatory requirements including ASQA, AVETMISS, etc.
  • Industry Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Corporate Strategic Alignment and Corporate Policy
  • Cultural, Ethical and Community Standards (reputational risk)
  • Audit readiness and transparency

Reduced Complexity

  • Easy-to-use functions and automated processes
  • Training, competency assessment and authorisation activities automatically tracked and accessible

Optimised Running Costs

  • Improved training effectiveness
  • Increased workforce agility and productivity
  • Unlimited Product Helpdesk Support – NO bill shock for ‘extra’ hours

Delivered Sustainably

  • Freedom to go paperless and help save the environment

VReddo delivers innovative & practical learning solutions in Virtual Reality. Immersive & highly interactive training which has superior learning retention with the unique ability to simplify the most complex learning material or tasks.



Both products deliver a fully-immerse experience via the use of a virtual reality headsets (VReddo LIVE also now available for PC, Tablet & Phone), high-quality visualisations and stereoscopic audio.

VReddo LIVE & ON DEMAND are integrated within the TUTIS LMS platform so that attendance + auditable records are created and retained of all training undertaken in VReddo. These records include who was trained, when, on what course and what course version, delivered by which trainer/assessor, why they are qualified to deliver the training, who developed the training and assessments, and why they are qualified to do so, etc.


Instructor-led Simulated Classrooms

  • Connect from Anywhere

    Learners and instructors can join VReddo LIVE from anywhere in the World. They can connect, interact, collaborate & communicate with their instructor + fellow learners, all within unique & immersive virtual environments.

  • Deliver Any Media Type

    Instructors can deliver slideshows, standard and 360 degree videos and custom 3D content to support a wide range of education and training purposes.

  • Bring Any Topic to Life

    Holograms can be projected in the middle of the room to help bring a topic to life AND all learners can be Teleported anywhere in the World to ‘experience’ the topic of the learning (via 360 video footage of these locations).

Use Cases for RTOs

  • Remote LIVE training of Students
  • Interactive & practical remote workshops for short courses or full qualifications
  • Highly immersive & engaging for Students to ensure progression

“Game changing. Customer service training has regularly lacked the realism & impact to create a lasting legacy, however VR training immerses our staff in compromising service experiences and teaches them how to respond!”

Jamie BeresfordFreshmethod


Practical, Engaging VR Simulations of Tasks & Activities

VReddo ON DEMAND allows users to interact in virtual environments, manipulate objects, perform tasks and solve problems. Learners can experience risk scenarios and learn how to respond effectively and appropriately in a safe environment – where mistakes are simply an opportunity to learn, not a life-threatening situation. VReddo ON DEMAND encourage critical thinking and problem solving in VR experiences that are tailor-made for your organisation’s needs and goals.

Virtual Reality Simulation for Superior engagement and active learning

Our interactive simulated environments appear and feel ‘real’ because they’re a highly visual and sensory experience. This feeling helps develop an emotional response and connection to the learning content, which contributes to the superior engagement over traditional learning methods because the learning is ‘active’ not passive.

Better results minus logistical and safety risks

VReddo ON DEMAND can be enabled to score and assess learner performance – all tracked through TUTIS LMS. It can help achieve better results than expensive on-site face-to-face practical learning and does so without any of the logistical or safety difficulties that can accompany such.

Always-on VR Learning Modules

Enable learners to study at their own time and pace in VR. VReddo ON DEMAND is always-on, curated modules of learning, developed in Virtual Reality to maximise immersion and engagement.

Immersive VR Demonstrations

Training in Virtual Reality often represents a change for many organisations. Effecting change often involves building a consensus amongst stakeholders of the reasons why change is required or why change will help realise superior results. Within VReddo ON DEMAND we can craft a 2 to 3-minute virtual reality production designed to showcase how your organisation could innovate their learning via incorporating virtual reality.

Benefits of Training within VReddo

More efficient

VR enables the creation of impactful experiences, enabling learners to virtually explore a physical location or operate equipment, significantly accelerating the learning process and removing the need for travel to such locations.

Increased Engagement

VR headsets ensure 100% of the learner’s attention via delivering total immersion in the training environments and content.

Standardised Training

Quality, standardized, evidence-based simulations that deliver the exact designed experience to learners every single time.

Reduced Costs

Scale learning simulation delivery without extra team or resources and distribute headsets to head-office, on-site or home to avoid the expense & inconvenience of either trainers or staff having to travel across the Country for training.

Eliminated Risks

VR training could educate your team on how to act in emergency situations but all within zero-risk VR environments. Eliminating any possibility of training induced injuries, whilst training how to perform under hazardous scenarios.

Customer Success Stories

Richard Franks

CEO, Specialised Career Solutions

Robert Row

CEO, DBYD Certification

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