Comprehensive assessment management processes are key to capability in organisations. Major processes are:

  • The Assessment Authoring Lifecycle Management process, and
  • The process for Conducting Assessments, both knowledge and skills assessments

Tutis Vreddo provides a comprehensive cloud based assessment software solution covering all these processes. Tutis Vreddo provides a service to validate existing observation-style skills assessments in order to determine validity of existing assessments and potential improvements.

Service Description

Update and Load up to 20 assessments, validate for quality and mapping against national training skills database, report, and fix if required.

  • Limited to observation style skills assessments
  • Fit for purpose – contains the rigour required to demonstrate the required skills to demonstrate competence
  • Ensure assessments reflect current site practices and mapping to national standards is consistently applied eg “knowing” items are mapped to knowledge items, and “doing” items are mapped to skills, in the assessments
  • Where applicable, improvements are identified, reported and updated to improve clarity and consistency of application.

Service Deliverables

20 assessments which are validated and improved where required.

Validation includes:

  • Quality validation – ensuring assessments are fit for purpose
  • Validation by mapping to national training skills compliance database (
  • Consulting Report
    • Review of Assessments including areas for improvement
    • Approach for upgrading other assessments
    • Approach to establishing a more effective assessment process, where required
  • Presentation
  • Consulting Report Presentation and discussion with Customer Management

The service is provided for a fixed price determined on application; service timeframe is one month.