Remote On-boarding: Pre-Site Assessed, Competent, Authorised and Ready to Work

Workforce Skills, Training and Learning Solution for Mining and Process Manufacturing

A workforce which is pre-site inducted & assessed, deemed competent, authorised and ready to work is just the start of the capability Tutis Vreddo can deliver.  The Tutis Vreddo solution for mining and process manufacturing industries provide a holistic solution for workforce capability, skillset management and training management. The Tutis Vreddo workforce solution focuses on helping organisations manage rapid mobilization & onboarding, ensure optimal deployment of people and their competencies, and provide reliable, automated, paperless processes to deliver higher productivity and safer production.

This is a comprehensive Workforce Skills, Training and Learning Solution with functionality to:

  • Identify workforce capability needs and roles
  • Define skillsets by role
  • Review skills gap and develop training plans
  • Manage and record training activities
  • Develop & conduct assessments mapped to national standards
  • Manage competencies including expiry and refresher competency
  • Manage authorisation and site access
  • Provide automation, workflow, notification and alerts, reports, dashboards
  • Deliver paperless processes
  • Create a more agile and productive workforce by leveraging skills, developing competency, and improving proficiency

Whilst commodity prices have recovered, there is significant future price uncertainty and thus tremendous pressure to maximise safe production in the short-term. Others will say that it is simply the normal resources price cycle. Either way there is an imperative to build an agile workforce including an effective skills management process to better manage through the cycle whilst ensuring safety and better productivity. Tutis Vreddo solutions have been designed to achieve this.

Ensuring staff and contractors have the skills to safely and productively perform their roles is vitally important; Tutis Vreddo has the expertise and products to help achieve this.  Our managed solutions take the complexity and risk out of Workforce Skills, Training and Learning management.

Tutis Vreddo has a strong track record over many years in helping mining and process companies optimise their skills management and workforce capability.

The TUTISVReddo solution, TUTIS_Enterprise, for the mining industry includes:

  • Workforce agility and skillset management
  • Remote, pre-site inductions
  • Staff and contractor onboarding
  • Knowledge and skills assessment full lifecycle development
  • Learning management
  • Assessment Delivery
  • Paperless Authorisation workflow
  • Gate Access Integration
  • Notifications and Alerts, Reports and Dashboarding
  • Fully visible and auditable training records
  • Alignment with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies, strategic goals, & community standards.
  • Continuous improvement and integration with existing systems
  • Issue management and incident management.

TUTISVReddo Workforce Skills, Training & Learning solutions are delivered as a managed service. These have been specifically designed for the mining industry:

  • Helping miners ensure they always have the right workforce with the right skills to safely and productively do their jobs.