• Providing strategic and practical advisory services for both enterprises and training providers (RTOs) across compliance, workforce capability, skills and vocational training
  • Enabling / Configuring the solutions to work optimally for each customer
  • Providing project management, change management and end user TUTIS training
  • Integrating TUTIS solutions into existing Enterprise IT Ecosystems
  • Migrating historical data into TUTIS
  • Upgrading training course materials and standard operating procedures to elearning
  • Providing a Managed Service where Tutis administers Tutis solutions for customers
  • Delivering on-going account management and benefits realisation services to customers
  • Collaborating with industry and customers to identify emerging market requirements
  • Creating strategic product roadmaps for enhancing TUTIS solutions
  • Developing and enhancing software solutions based on the strategic product roadmap


1. Managed Compliance Risk

Improved compliance across:

  • Statutory & Regulatory requirements including WHS/OHS
  • Industry Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Corporate Strategic Alignment and Corporate Policy
  • Cultural, Ethical and Community Standards (reputational risk)
  • Audit readiness and transparency

2. Reduced Complexity

  • Easy-to-use functions and automated processes
  • Training, competency assessment and authorisation activities automatically tracked and accessible

3. Optimised Running Costs

  • Improved training effectiveness
  • Increased workforce agility and productivity
  • Unlimited Product Helpdesk Support – NO bill shock for ‘extra’ hours

4. Delivered Sustainably

  • Freedom to go paperless and help save the environment

These all lead to:

  • Greater Workforce Agility

  • Increased Availability

  • Higher Productivity

For more information on how Tutis can help you achieve these benefits please contact us.