We understand the unique challenges that the Disability & Aged Care operators face.

Increased regulations in healthcare are complex and ever-changing, requiring more governance and better systems. Client safety and staff well-being is paramount. Staffing shortages and high turnover necessitate the use of very inexperienced staff, who often lack consistent training. The cost of providing health and wellness services continues to rise. Balancing these challenges, whilst avoiding reportable incidents is the opportunity confronting all operators.

Extraordinary, not incremental change is needed. An extraordinary solution is required.

TUTIS_CARE is a cloud-based software solution that takes the complexity and risk out of workforce management for the Disability & Aged Care industry.

We can help you practice excellence both in safe clinical services & quality experiences for your clients and residents.

TUTIS_CARE is a workforce capability and skills compliance solution for the Disability and Aged Care industry which delivers 4 pillars of assurance (key benefits):

1. Managed Compliance Risk

2. Reduced Complexity

3. Optimised Running Costs

4. Delivered Paperless


  • Quality workforce Onboarding
  • Onboarding from home using eLearning before starting work
  • Quality Checklists on iPads can be used online or offline
  • On-going use of eLearning and paperless assessment, automated records management, significantly reduces staff down time
  • Virtual Reality integration for live training, practice risk scenarios, plus much more
  • Create your own daily task checklists for opening and closing the centre and everything in between


  • Your staff has the correct skillsets and competencies
  • You have full visibility on staff activity and performance of tasks
  • You can control who has access to facilities
  • You can expedite the scaling of personnel whilst ensuring they are assessed, competent and ready to work
  • You can attract quality workforce by offering the convenience of eLearning at home
  • You can train and upskill your staff on handling patients with zero risks of injuries
  • You can empower your staff to provide empathic experiences in safe and controlled training environments
  • You can decrease the time your staff spends on admin work by using standardised procedures and processes, accessible via a paperless system
  • You can offer consistent training across multiple sites without spending on travel via eLearning and VR training
  • You have the capability to generate compliance reports to help demonstrate the quality of care you provide to your clients and residents

Disability & Aged Care Use Case Example

Use TUTIS_CARE to get new staff up-to-speed quickly, including the use of pre-start onboarding remotely via elearning. Use eLearning to keep staff informed and up-to-date with readily available access to current policies, procedures and forms. Enact quality checklists to ensure compliance with operating requirements, together with alerts and reporting driven by checklist data.

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