TUTIS_CARE is a cloud-based software solution that takes the complexity and risk out of workforce management for the Aged Care industry.

TUTIS_CARE is a workforce capability and skills compliance solution for the Aged Care industry which delivers 4 pillars of assurance (key benefits):

1. Managed Compliance Risk

2. Reduced Complexity

3. Optimised Running Costs

4. Delivered Paperless


  • Quality workforce Onboarding
  • Onboarding from home using eLearning before starting work
  • Quality Checklists on iPads can be used online or offline
  • On-going use of eLearning and paperless assessment, automated records management, significantly reduces staff down time
  • Virtual Reality integration for live training, practice risk scenarios, plus much more
  • Create your own daily task checklists for opening and closing the centre and everything in between


  • Facilitates rapid onboarding and upskilling of inexperienced new staff
  • Standardises Procedures and Processes
  • Accessible on tablets and mobiles
  • Alert, Notify and Report on exceptions, expired credentials etc.
  • Email and SMS alerts, weekly/monthly reports
  • Compliance reporting

Aged Care Example

Use TUTIS_CARE to get new staff and locums up-to-speed quickly, including the use of pre-start onboarding remotely via elearning. Use elearning to keep staff informed and up-to-date with readily available access to current policies, procedures and forms. Enact quality checklists to ensure compliance with operating requirements, together with alerts and reporting driven by checklist data.

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