TUTIS Mobile Assessment App

The TUTIS Mobile Assessment App makes it easy to perform paperless, observation-style, skills-assessments in the field – that is anywhere on site. This App works with or without internet access.

The assessor (or trainer) downloads the assessments they want to conduct onto their tablet (typically Android device or Apple iPad). The assessor then meets the student at the appointed place on site, it could be underground or at an excavation site for example, to assess the student using an excavator.

The assessor asks the student the questions specified in the assessment, including asking the student to perform work activities e.g. moving dirt. The assessor is also able to take photographs, videos and audio recordings. On completion of the assessment the student and the assessor electronically sign the record of the assessment on the tablet.

It is also important to note several students can be assessed at once.

Once the assessor is back in the office / crib room / wifi range the assessor is able to sync the completed assessment with TUTIS.

The TUTIS Mobile Assessment App is integrated with the TUTIS system to make conducting practical skills-assessment much simpler – the assessor is able to assess and mark students’ assessments on any mobile device, anywhere, with no paper required.

Assessment Types

TUTIS supports the following assessment types:

  • Knowledge (theory) assessments – conducted online using TUTIS via computer or tablet/phone
    • Set of Questions  – multiple choice, label the diagram, key word, long answer
    • Scenarios – long answers about the scenarios
  • Skills based assessments
    • Project-based tasks, for example completing a business plan – conducted online using TUTIS via computer or tablet/phone
    • Observation-style, practical assessments conducted on a mobile device (e.g. iPad) by an assessor – using the TUTIS Mobile Assessment App.