Workforce Compliance Solution for Transport Industry

TUTISVReddo provides a holistic solution for workforce compliance across all transport modes. Functionality includes skillset management, training and assessment management, competency assessment against national and international standards, and much more. The TUTISVReddo solution focuses on helping organisations manage compliance risk, reduce complexity, optimise running costs and make these processes paperless.

The transport industry is a highly regulated one; it is also an industry which is facing massive change from new technologies such as electric vehicles, autonomous plant and vehicles, and drones. Furthermore some modes such as maritime are international and so compliance is required across multiple jurisdictions. Transport is also a highly competitive industry and there is no doubt that organisations who are best able to re-skill for and harness these new technologies will gain major competitive advantage.

TUTISVReddo solutions are focused on

  • pro-actively managing workforce compliance to match ever changing workforce requirements, and
  • managing skillsets to ensure skill currency is maintained and skill gaps are closed in a timely and effective way.

TUTISVReddo solutions can help with re-skilling the workforce and meeting all the compliance requirements around the new technologies. Our cloud based solutions take the complexity and risk out of compliance management.

Furthermore, many organisations are in transition, with new technology disrupting existing business models and increased demand for greater transparency and stronger governance. These changes are also driving an increase in safety and other legislation.

With increasing globalization and competition there is mounting pressure for organisations to do more with less, particularly with lower staffing. This is driving the need for greater staff engagement and effectiveness which requires more and better focused training.

TUTISVReddo has the solutions to help ensure staff and contractors have the skills to safely and efficiently perform their roles, and also to provide the transparency to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders the compliance with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies and community standards.