TutisVReddo partners with other organisations to deliver broader and deeper workforce compliance and training solutions, and to provide add-on services to our customers. TutisVReddo is also a member of various industry associations across compliance, HR, mining, safety, training to support industry and keep abreast of changes.

Industry Partners

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ORCODA and Tutis VReddo have entered into a marketing alliance to provide a combined, strategic solution consisting of the Orcoda OWLS product and TUTIS_ENTERPRISE products. This combined solution offers a unified end-to-end Workforce Logistics and Skills Management solution covering Workforce Planning, Workforce Logistics, Workforce Mobilisation and Onboarding, Training, Learning, and Site Compliance.

Designed to manage the “White space” within complex ecosystems the solution is ideal for managing large workforces with high levels of complexity. The OWLS & TUTIS_ENTERPRISE solution tracks the movement of personnel which increases accuracy and visibility whilst optimising the entire process with greater compliance through Workforce Planning, Workforce Logistics, Workforce Mobilisation and Onboarding, Training, Learning, and Site Compliance.


SRO Technology’s Enwiseand Tutis VReddo have entered into a marketing alliance to provide a strategic solution to the resources market.This solution combines the TUTIS Workforce Skills Management software product with the Enwise Gallagher Commander gate access system.Enwise offer industry leading services in both communications and security and are a Gallagher certified channel partner and accredited installation and service partner.

Enwise specialise in providing installations, integration, maintenance, and technical support of Gallagher systems across varying geographical locations and industries.

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People Partners

Tutis Vreddo has several team members based in Manila, Philippines.This includes part of its product development and customer success teams, and also its backoffice team.Local support for these teams is provided by People Partners under a strategic alliance between Tutis Vreddo and People Partners.

PeoplePartners BPO is a premium outsourcing solution provider that helps businesses high-performing offshore teams. Working as a conduit that enables clients to re-imagine how they execute the operations of their business. To directly access a global workforce and leverage lower-cost resources across specialist skill sets, PeoplePartners specialises in building teams of high performing & secure Remote @Home People for their clients.


Powered is a business development firm that leverages their massive network of industry contacts to sell their clients products and services into the Australian energy industry.

Founded in 2013, Powered’s team is made up of professionals with experience, relationships and technical capabilities that span oil and gas, energy and mining sectors throughout the Asia Pacific region as well as North America, and Europe.

Technology Partners

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Gallagher Gate Access

Tutis Vreddo is a Gallagher technology partner, for integration of the TUTIS Workforce Skills management software with the Gallagher Commander gate access system.Tutis Vreddo works with Enwise in installing and servicing Gallagher systems.

Amazon Web Services – AWS

Tutis Vreddo used AWS data centres in the Sydney zone to host Tutis Vreddo production, test, and development IT environments.AWS has been selected for its compute, storage, security, resilience, breadth of services, and overall IT capability.


Tutis Vreddo used Workmobile forms technology embedded in the TUTIS solution to deliver online/offline assessments and other forms.
This technology includes deep integration between TUTIS and with their forms for building forms and storing/retrieving data. The Workmobile app provides the foundation for the TUTIS Assessment mobile app.

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