Joining Forces with VReddo Virtual Reality Education Solutions

We’re delighted to announce our merger with VReddo – a leading Brisbane Virtual Reality software company whose solutions include their fully interactive, live VR Classroom platform which is capable of bringing together learners from anywhere across the World into a fully immersive & engaging virtual world.

“Tracking workforce capability, delivering Virtual Reality or LMS training interventions and having this link through to site access control systems, is just one exciting benefit this merger will see our customers realise” said Tutis CEO, Chris Wright.

VReddo have been dedicated to building innovative and practical learning solutions to enable high learning retention and simplify the communication of complex problems through interactive VR software. Their team are a blend of Educational Specialists, Senior Software Engineers, Industry Researchers, Project Managers & Visual 3D Designers.

This talented team will strongly complement the existing Tutis team.  “Incorporating our VR training solutions with the capabilities of the Tutis platform will prove to be a very powerful tool for Enterprise & Training organisations” said VReddo CEO, Reuben Brennan.

The merger will likely see a future re-brand, but through the upcoming transition period the business will be known as TutisVReddo. Websites & all collateral will be updated to feature the exciting new features the Product Team are developing, but for the moment if you’d like to check-out more about VReddo, you can visit