New Training Packages now in TUTIS ready for assessment re-mapping

Brisbane February 2019 – There has been what could be described as a tsunami of new VET training packages (national standards) released over the last two months. Tutis is pleased to report that it has completed relevant updates to its training package databases (including associated qualifications and units) in both its TUTIS_Enterprise Workforce Compliance and TUTIS_Train Training Provider solutions. Hence with a few mouse clicks TUTIS users are able to identify gaps in existing assessments compared with the revised standards and update their assessments accordingly.

Tutis notes all new enrolments MUST comply with these revised training packages immediately from the day of their release. A significant number of revised packages are in the resources industry and infrastructure sector, this means for all mining and other enterprises in this sector need to update their training and assessment content. Of course, this also means that all RTOs that deliver these training courses need to update their course offerings to meet the revised national standards.
Tutis provides the updated training package database to customers who licence the assessment management feature to allow them to clone their assessments, map to the new standards and enhance the assessments where required.

New customers to Tutis are using the enablement of the system as an opportunity to review their assessments and map holistically in an efficient and comprehensive way.
No more spreadsheets and multiple paper copies of units of competency spread across a large table required in the mapping process.

The Assessment Lifecycle

The assessment lifecycle supports the development and publishing of compliant assessment tools.

Once assessments are approved for use (released) they can be utilised as follows:

  • Knowledge & Participant enabled skills (e.g. projects)* – online
  • Observations style skills* – on a mobile device (with or without internet)

*All assessments can be printed for paper-based assessment if required