Australian International RTO QIBA will launch courses delivered in Virtual Reality

TUTIS VReddo is excited to announce that the Queensland International Business Academy (QIBA) have just signed-up to launch a variety of their courses in Virtual Reality, via TUTIS VReddo’s proprietary VR-enabled immersive learning platform, VReddo LIVE.

QIBA is a leading Australian international RTO who on account of the global pandemic were forced to close all face-to-face classes across all their campus locations. However this has not stifled their desire to inspire their students, it’s just meant they’ve had to innovate.

“We’re excited to provide an innovative way to enhance the student learning experience and believe that VR is the future for providing a more engaging and immersive educational experience for students” said Mr Helmer Lich, QIBA CEO.

QIBA will Pilot using the VReddo LIVE platform to deliver two of their courses: (i) General English; & (ii) Diploma of Social Media Marketing. All students will be remote, but provided with a VR headset that they’ll wear to join their live classes, in which they’ll be able to not only interact with their learning content, but their Trainer and fellow students, who are from all over the World.

“We look forward to expanding the use of VReddo LIVE into other courses and this experience will undoubtedly pave the way for new courses that haven’t even been considered” said Mr Lich.

“We can’t wait for QIBA to start their classes in VReddo LIVE – their vision for innovating international education and taking this learning medium to students from all over the World is so exciting. We look forward to being part of the journey with QIBA and having VReddo LIVE used all around the World” said Mr Chris Wright, TUTIS VReddo CEO.

If you would like to learn more about VReddo LIVE or discuss how your organisation could innovate their training or onboarding orientations, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.