Problem: Resolving the Incomplete Team Issue
At Foxleigh Mine, addressing the challenge of incomplete work teams was a pressing concern. Incomplete teams led to downtime, reduced productivity, and increased operational costs.

Solution: Leveraging TUTIS Remote On-boarding Service
Foxleigh Mine adopted TUTIS’s remote on-boarding service, a cutting-edge solution that ensured a full complement of workers started each week. This innovative approach significantly minimised team downtime and operational disruptions.

Over 20% Productivity Increase (Dirt Moved): By ensuring complete work teams from the outset, Foxleigh Mine experienced a remarkable 20% increase in productivity, resulting in the movement of significantly more dirt within the same timeframe.

130% Increase in Staff On-boarding: Foxleigh Mine witnessed a substantial 130% increase in the efficiency of their staff on-boarding process, streamlining the transition of new team members into fully functional work teams.

With TUTIS’s remote on-boarding service, Foxleigh Mine not only overcame this challenge, but also achieved substantial productivity gains and enhanced their operational efficiency, contributing to the mine’s overall success and growth.