Problem: Establishing as the New Mine Operator for a Major Mine – Ensuring Competency
When EPSA embarked on becoming the new mine operator for the prestigious Isaac Downs mine, they faced the daunting task of assembling a workforce with the right competencies. A swift and efficient onboarding process was crucial to ensure a rapid start-up.


Solution: Harnessing TUTIS for Mobilisation and Onboarding
EPSA turned to TUTIS for a comprehensive solution to mobilise and onboard several hundred workers for their Isaac Downs mine operation. TUTIS provided the tools and systems necessary for a seamless and efficient onboarding process.


Rapid Start-Up, causing increased productivity: Thanks to the efficient onboarding solution facilitated by TUTIS, EPSA achieved a remarkably rapid start-up at the Isaac Downs mine. This solution ultimately led to higher productivity right from the beginning, allowing EPSA to meet and even exceed operational goals and timelines with ease.

Easier Access to Worker Data: The TUTIS’s system ensured quick access to critical worker data which includes role and competency records. This level of accessibility enabled EPSA to make informed decisions, manage their workforce effectively, and ensure that every team member possessed the necessary skills and competencies – hence, delivering higher productivity.

By leveraging TUTIS for mobilisation and onboarding, EPSA successfully navigated the complex transition of becoming the new mine operator for the Isaac Downs mine. The result was not only a rapid start-up, but also the ability to access vital worker information effortlessly, contributing to their ongoing operational success.