COVID19 information for trainers and guidelines on use of virtual classrooms

The regulator ASQA have developed a useful set of Frequently Asked Questions to help traverse the maze of requirements and challenges during the pandemic:

Also relevant to these times is changed guidance in the use virtual classrooms and simulated persons in training.  Skills for Australia (pwc) have advised changes to the TAE Training Package interpretation guide.  An extract is below:

Revisions: TAEDEL401 – Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning 

The following guidance for this unit is no longer applicable:

  •  “A virtual classroom or simulated persons (e.g. eight learner profiles on paper) is not sufficient.” 

This guidance can currently be located on p.26 of the Interpretation Guide under: Unpacking the assessment Conditions, dot point three. 

While reference to ‘simulated persons’ will remain in the guide, we recognise that the requirement relating to ‘virtual classroom’ is not aligned to the Assessment Conditions: “Gather evidence to demonstrate consistent performance in conditions that are safe and replicate the workplace.” And further, that removing this guidance from the Interpretation Guide does not alter the vocational outcomes or the intentions of the unit. 


For full details follow the link: