Virtual Reality: Moving Beyond WHY to HOW

Boosting engagement, immersion and progression, these are aspired by ALL organisations for their learners undertaking training, be it RTOs, Unis, corporate professional development, etc. So why when Virtual Reality delivers ALL these benefits, does the debate linger on WHY and not HOW?

Roots in gaming, initial equipment limitations, and lower resolution of early productions or experiences have perhaps stalled organisations from progressing into HOW. But all these barriers are now gone. Equipment, resolution and development practices have improved at exponential rates.

The roll-out of 5G now serves as yet another catalyst to propel the value proposition of Virtual Reality. Compared to 4G, the 5G network is ten times faster with 65% less latency and more than ten times the number of devices can be connected within any given area.

Consider streaming Standard Definition vs High Definition on Netflix – HD can be upwards of 4 times more pixels than SD. Subsequently, it requires more internet bandwidth to give you a great viewing experience. Virtual Reality is the same, but instead of broadcasting HD to a small rectangle area (i.e., TV), it is doing so for 360 degrees – all around you. 5G thrives on delivering live streaming and synchronous connection of learners in Virtual Reality. Pair this with the wireless portability, convenience and quality of modern headsets and Virtual Reality has entered a whole new level.

With practical obstacles GONE, perhaps the remaining barrier to HOW, is that the possibilities are endless. How do you know where to start, when literally EVERY practical activity can be simulated, and EVERY piece of theory can be re-imagined and brought to life in VR? Furthermore, the way our learners connect can be transformed to re-shape infrastructure, real estate, travel and management paradigms that have long been regarded as norms or essential.

The ultimate answer to conquer HOW is to start. A Proof of Concept (PoC), a small class or onboarding sessions or perhaps a library of experiences and simulations to aid your learners’ comprehension. Allow institutional knowledge of VR to start developing in your organisation and allow the crowdsourcing of HOW ideas to start flowing from your team.

Businesses and Careers can be made off the back of Virtual Reality as internal visionaries and ambassadors help drive transformational change within their organisations, forever changing the face of how their organisations deliver training.

VReddo accommodates LIVE VR Classroom training, highly interactive VR Labs where learners develop skills through practical activities and assessment AND available anytime VR Skillsets to engage learners across complex topics.

VReddo integrates with TUTIS_TRAIN to ensure learning and assessment undertaken in Virtual Reality can be tracked and logged with other online/offline activities. Amongst a raft of benefits, this will ensure that attendance is logged, in-class or lab assessment is tracked, and access control plus security is optimised.

To discuss HOW your organisation can start to transform learning with VR, please contact TUTISVReddo today!