Why you DON’T need an LMS

Need a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver eLearning? Are you sure this is what you need or, more accurately, all that you need?

An LMS that delivers eLearning content and houses assessment results is likely the only piece of the pie that you need if you are a small business. Most organisations, however, usually require much more than an LMS, albeit the concept is commonly and mistakenly reduced to the idea of an LMS.

Let us explore some other pieces of the pie to help determine what your organisation requires:

  • A system for skillset management – gap analysis, matching suitably skilled people to roles and projects, currency tracking and refresher management
  • A system for mobilising and onboarding new people (staff and contractors)
  • A system to offer the workforce the ability to access and contribute to their profile and even self-create this profile to save administration
  • A system that enables remote learning but can verify authenticity via the likes of webcam authentication, to satisfy any compliance audit that staff did undertake training
  • A system for validating assessment with standards for organisational or statutory requirements
  • A system that enables observation assessments to be accessible on mobile devices in the field (and without internet if your organisation works remotely / underground, etc.)
  • A system that is future-proofed by integrating with emerging training technologies such as Virtual Reality
  • A system that tracks competencies, alerts on expiration dates and flows through to authorisation and site access procedures to ensure no one gets onsite when they are not supposed to
  • A system that logs workforce activities, has a single sign-on capability, has document management, tracks continuous improvement and has programmable notifications (SMS/email alerts)
  • A system that incorporates site and incident management
  • A system that brings actionable insights to the fore via dashboards and reporting
  • A system that has ERP integration capability to connect to incumbent services within an organisation to provide a more seamless user experience

Some of these pieces sound like they might be beneficial for your organisation?

If yes, then an LMS might not be enough. Your organisation needs a Workforce Training and Compliance Software solution. Discovering what you need will save you a heap of time and counter the risk of project failure by ensuring you procure a system that meets your requirements.

If you would like to learn more about Workforce Training & Compliance Software or discuss any of the “pieces of the pie” described above, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.