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BASIX Certificate Fees

While we believe each project requires unique attention, below is a guideline for our fees.

Alterations and Additions from $80 + GST

Swimming Pools & Spas $ 50 + GST

Single Dwelling (New Homes) from $170 + GST

Multi-unit developments: from $100 + GST / Unit Type

When issuing a BASIX Certificate, there are additional fees, payable to NSW department of planning. The cost to generate a BASIX Certificate currently is $50.00 for new single dwellings, $25.00 for Alterations & Additions, Swimming Pools & Spas. Cost of certificate for Multi-dwelling is $80 for first two dwellings plus $35 for each dwellings more than two dwellings.

Click Here to download the BASIX Certificate cost calculator spreadsheet.